Carron Quantum SE 1700 x 750 x 430mm Carronite Bath with C-lenda System 1- stocked product for immediate delivery.

This newly designed single ended bath with straight sides and minimalist lines maximising both bathing and showering space.
We offer a range of affordable and luxurious systems to revive your energy and explore new ways to relax.All this especially for you, because we know that you will appreciate the quality of the product long after you have asked the price.
Affordable and luxurious hydro systems. Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic effects you experience when you are immersed in hot water. The heat that is transferred from the warm water to your body combines with the buoyant effect of the water to trigger physiological changes in the body. But, when you immerse yourself in a normal bath, the body’s natural reaction counteracts with the therapeutic value that warm water can induce and the majority of the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy are lost. The fine layer of air that surrounds the body when you first immerse yourself in water quickly cools to body temperature and prevents the transfer of heat. Your pores close, preventing perspiration, and the increase in blood flow simply leads to an overall increase in body temperature. A whirlpool jet (water pumped at force directly onto the body) eradicates this effect. Heat is immediately transferred to the body. The constant agitation of the warm water against the skin encourages blood vessels and capillaries to open, sending a higher volume of oxygen-rich blood to the extremities. The heat transfer has a sedative effect on the nerve endings, reducing pain and discomfort.

  • 8-10mm reinforced carronite-30 year guarantee
  • Made to a very high quality with excellent quality control standards at Carron
  • British made
  • Feet and leg kit included
  • Drilled with standard size waste and overflow holes (waste and overflow not included)
  • No drilled tap holes


  • Length: 1700mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Installed height (to underside of rim): 540mm
  • Internal depth: 430mm
  • Water capacity: 240 litres

Whirlpool C-lenda system 1 includes:

  • 6 side jets
  • Pneumatic on/off control (switch)
  • Flush air control
  • Flush suction – safety protection for hair and body entrapment

Rigid piping, 0.75hp self draining pump, fixed and mounted, pneumatic on/off control, directional whirlpool jets, fitted and fully tested, complete with two-year warranty. All systems use 13 amp supply with ELCB fitted by a qualified electrician.

Please note: A wooden panel will not fit the bath due to the pipes being housed in the vertical rim.

19.155 1700 x 750 bath, C-lenda system 1
23.3311 Carronite 1700 x 540mm Front Panel

HR900 Carron Headrest- please see accessories below.


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